Fashion moment: Spring Jackets

Hello there

I  wanted to bable a bit about fashion for a moment..Spring is well upon us and it is a season that I really like. I like transition seasons because it is never too hot and too cool: it is just a happy medium. I do not need to wear a coat and a heavy scarf but I can trow a nice jacket and I am good to go.

So to prepare for my new season wardrobe, I checked my favourite fashion websites and just wanted to share some items that caught my eye.

There are some  wardrobe staples that I think everybody should have. There are also some edgy and seasonal pieces to have fun with.

So let’s go.

Classic pieces

The Denim

The Leather

The bomber

The suede

The mac

The fun pieces

The ripped

The floral

The Cargo army

The festival rain jacket

The Embroidered



Be Kind



Have you seen the news lately?

How many articles have you read and you felt: while this earth is a big mess. What is going? Things seem to get worse.

I have felt lately that even though I need to be informed by what is going on around me, watching news and sometimes being on social media just instigate fear, worry in my heart. Also it seems like there is more hate and anger out there than love and empathy.

This is why it is important for me to write this post.

No, I am not going to advocate any political positions or spread my opinions.  I just want to go back to a simple basic step on how to react towards all of what is happening.

Be kind.

As much negativity is out there, we can push out positivity.

I know this may sound cliché, especially coming from my Christian mind, but I think it is one of our solutions available out there. I starts with empathy.

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.


Firstly, let’s remember that life in general is hard and we all go through difficult times and we all struggles. All are lives are imperfect, going up and down, mixing beauty and pain. Secondly, we could all or have at some times being mocked, bullied, vilified, discriminated against, attacked because of how we look, what we wear, our lifestyles, our belief, our ethnicity, or else. Empathy is just putting oneself in someone else’s shoes. Sharing their life in a sense.


You can never know about a person’s life just from meeting them once. We should probably listen to others as much as we are talking to them or about them. In a world where everybody wants to voice their opinions, it is so easy disregard another’s feelings because we see our feelings more. As they sharing their stories, we can give a piece of heart rather than a piece of our mind.

The simple things

You probably heard it or done it before:

We can all do little things from keeping company to the people who are alone, befriending older people in a nursing home, to volunteering at a shelter, donating to charities. But we can also do the little things like being polite, smiling, complimenting and encouraging people instead of criticising them.

I know it sounds pretty basic, and we all heard it before but it looks like a foreign thing these days. I remember hearing last week a person telling me that just because she was kind with a person, people assuming she was flirting with them. Why is being kind now associated with suspicious motives or hidden agenda. Let’s flip this script and just treat others the way we want to be treated.

The world can easily makes us harder, let’s not give into the negativity

Let’s just be kind…the worlds needs it.


Blogging: Another try



Long time no see.

I know, I am not a very consistent blogger. I have good intentions, but sometimes it is hard to turn them into actions. My days are sometimes so busy I come home incredibly tired; I lose all motivations to type or arrange a post. Well, these are my excuses. I know they are not valid.

This year I will try things a bit differently.

The main reasons: I love writing….I love creating.

This blog was a desire of mine for a long time. In the past I tried others blog ventures, but they never stick. I want this to stick. I want this to grow; growth not just in numbers of followers but to growth in quality.

This year, I will turn 34 years old * insert intense screams of panic *

Now, I am not married. I do not have kids. I do not own a house, not even a car. Currently a lot of people advise me to get on the property ladder now. But I have no desire (nor really the need) to buy a property.

But I have this: this little blog of mine. This is my space: a little place of the Internet that has my name on it. So I will cater to it. I am going to nurture.

Like many people, last month I have thought about goals (not resolutions) and had vision boards and mood board about 2017. Last year, I did not do that. Last year I decided to take life as it comes. It was not bad but this year I want to change it up.

So the goal is to be more consistent and more creative and see if I will decide to go premium by the end of 2017. For me, going premium is the ultimate commitment since money is involved. I want to see if I can go there. So this is a goal and a challenge.

So get your seat buckled, people…as there will be more to be read, if you are happy to take the ride with me.




Soul Survivor



So this year I went to Soul Survivor with the youth group of my church, Bethel Community Church.

It has now been two years that I am a youth leader at my local church. This was never something that I had planned. I joined the church in 2013 after I had some troubles with a boy (long sad story). One of my good friends used to go there and recommended it to me. I did not go to church for more that 4 years (once again another sad long story). So coming to Bethel, I had many reservations, I just wanted to hear the sermons at the time, was not really planning on staying long, talk or fellowshipping with others Christians.

But I ended up really enjoying the sermons and decided to stay.  One day, I prayed God if there was something I was supposed to do in the church, in term of serving. At first, I though about joining the worship team because I enjoy singing and not to brag I am quite good at it. So like a good Christian, I prayed about it. Then one Sunday, I was approached by a member of the welcome team who encouraged me to help and volunteer at the Youth Group. I was very reluctant because I remember what I was like as a teenager and I was just a horrible human being. I was so prejudiced against young people; I did not want to be around them. But since I had prayed God, I felt compelled to go to one meeting to see how it was. One of the major things that I learned about my Christian journey is that God likes to take me out of my comfort zone and push me to take risks.

It has now been two years and I am officially part of the leadership team and this year we decided to bring the youth camping for five days at Soul Survivor in Somerset. There is the weird part; I am not one who ever thought she will be camping. To be honest I am still not a great fan of it. I do not mind doing outdoor activities as long as I can go back to my bed at the end of the day. Sleeping in a tent is not on my bucket list. If I had to tell the truth, the first night was just horrible. The airbed I had deflated and I was literally sleeping on the floor while it was absolutely freezing outside. In addition the mother of all heat wave decided to fall upon us; so staying in tent was just insufferable.

But although the living conditions were not my favourite thing, the actual festival was quite an enjoyable experience. We attended really challenging sermons and incredible worship sessions in a big tent. There were several activities and seminars throughout the day and we all bonded as a group like a little family creating memories that I know we will cherish forever. We grew closer to each other and to God. It was even decided that we would go back next year.

On my part, God taught quite some vital lessons. The principal one was that some elements of Christianity would be different from one person to another. The message is the same: we serve the Almighty God, Yahweh, who sent his son Jesus to die as a sacrifice to redeem our sinful souls. Jesus died for us and rose again. He promised to come again and left his Holy Spirit to guide us in our journey to love God and love others while being continually regenerated. This is the core message from the Bible. However I got reminded that there are some stages and levels and therefore everybody walk a different journey. Although there are similarities and we can even shares similar experiences, we are all different people. Different personalities, backgrounds, with different gifts. We even react to the Spirit differently. Throughout the Bible, there are all types of people: quiet, stubborn, strong, creative, passionate, small etc…God uses them all in their different personalities. So there are different journeys and paths, which shows even more how much our God is amazing. We are not clones and we are not robots. We are imperfect people drawn by redemption by the grace in his eyes.

The verse that stuck with me, was from the first sermon. It was Zephaniah 3:17:

‘For the Lord your God has arrived to live among you. He is a mighty saviour. He will rejoice over you with great gladness. With his love, He will calm your fears. He will exult over you by singing a happy song.’ (NLT)

I love that God can and will quiet me with his love. That is one beautiful hope.

God bless.


The Spring Edit


Belated Post

Yesterday was officially the first day of Summer in the UK. The sales have started in most of the shops. I have not done a Season Edit so I am doing one now. I still feel like it is Spring anyway. The truth is in the UK we do not really get a real summer. The weather is always hard to define. It shifts pretty quickly and it mostly windy, wet and cloudy. However, there are days where the sun decides to pop out.

So although it is safe to put the coat and heavy scarf away. We still cover up a bit. I do have to say that Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons. They are both very mild, it is never too hot or too cold: Happy medium. On that note here are some items I will or have bought this season. All are found in the high street stores and affordable prices.

  1. The Trench

All trench are from Topshop

2. The Jacket


Top left: Topshop/ Bottom right: River Island/ Middle and right end: Zara

3. The bag

Both Bag from Zara

4. the trouser

Both Trousers from Topshop

5. Denim

Left: Lucas and Jamie Jean from Topshop

6. The shoes

Top: Topshop/ Bottom and right: Asos

7. The bodysuit

Top: Topshop/ Bottom left: Asos/ Right: Topshop

8. The skirt

Top and bottom: Asos/ Middle: Topshop/ Right: River Island

A little Fashion Show

Hi there

Long time i know…I am not proud of myself for not putting out any content for the last months, but external elements did not allow me to be as consistent as i wanted to. However, it’s all good. Here is a little post.

I recently went to an interesting little Fashion Show in Regent Hall on Oxford Street, London. It was a charity show featuring pieces designed by Aleona Isakova, a Christian costume designer from Russia.

Each of her  hand made pieces represented a Bible theme (The Beatitudes, The Birth and Resurrection of Christ) and christian poetry was read throughout the show with dramatised music. The collection was much more costume fashion but I still find it very inspiring.

So here is a couple of pictures of the show…Enjoy x













Autumn Edit

Autumn is here.

A busy September has just ended.  September has always marked for me another beginning in the year. I believe it is mainly because of school and university.   Academic year usually begin in September. The Fashion year also start in September. Fashion weeks were held all over the world. It always start with New York and designers presented to the world their visions and trends for next year. So although I did not attend any Fashion Week (I hope I will one day cue bucket list), I picked up articles   from Magazines and internet blogs to see what were the new trends. It is always good to see what the designers have been working on and what inspired them to create their collections. Fashion is art. SS16 was marked with Khaki, nautical, hippy luxury bohemian, romantic lace, eclectic patchwork and metallic. There were will be sheer dresses, jumpsuits and kimonos. I cannot wait.

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 17.47.07


Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 17.31.56

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 18.08.25

(Images from

But right now it is Autumn and in the shops it is all seventies fashion: print, fringe, suede and, bootleg shapes and fake fur waistcoats.  So I did a little online browsing of some of my favourite High Street websites and below are my new love list for the autumn season. I do not necessarily follows trends but I have chosen some items that I think can be viewed as season essentials.


866-046-X56ss   866-046-X56ss2

If you want something less heavy, an jacket, trench and sleeveless duster mac can also be good outerwear.

             Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 15.55.52   Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 16.35.05673415_main

(from left to right:  aviator jacket from Topshop/Mac and sleeveless trench from River Island)

02Y02IBLG_2_thumb 02J44HBLK_2_thumb 669664_rollover

Ripped jeans:Topshop/leather skirt: River Island

      Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 15.24.46      k2102664_ayva_2           23R08IGYM_2_thumb

Jumpers : H&M/ Missguided/ Topshop

               image3xxl   dd901260_carol_28.09.15_hm_22797  dd900438_amanda_17.08.15_hm_524453

Blouses and shirts : Asos/Missguided

                   8419004040_2_2_1         672267_rollover

                     Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 17.39.20                 667872_main

And last but not least, accessories always makes an outfit stand out more.

The bag: Zara/the scarf: River Island/Fedora hat: H&M/ Fur gilet: River Island

That’s all folks :3