Flats on the go


All Hail slipper flats !!!!

I love shoes and I have quite a collection (not fronting at all)…But unlike most fashionistas, I am more of a flat girl than a heel type of girl…Although I like heels, I love flats, and most of my  shoes are flats…Also I don’t have a car so I have to walk most of the times; and I do have to tell you that after a certain time walking on heel, you will hear your feet screaming in every language. So flats shoes are a must for me.

At first I was not too keen on the slippers, so I just bought the one pair. I then started pairing them with jeans and cigarette pants, and it got magical. So I bought two more…and I guess that will do for the moment. But Winter is here now so I have to put them on the side.

Picture from left to right: H&M leopard print, H&M blue lace, River Island black studs.


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