Throwback to Roma

Hi All, Happy New year 😉 We have kissed 2014 goodbye and started to write unto the pages of 2015…Sorry life takes over and couldn’t post for a while…But here I am and I am very excited for this New Year, and really inspired by blogging more and letting my creativity explodes to the maximum. End of the year is  always a time when we look back : every decision, regret, disappointment, achievement, lesson and so on…Looking back for me I always take the positives and the negatives together: so 2014 was the best year and the worst year but overall it was okay. One thing that I do want to share is my holiday trip to Roma in November. Truth be told, I hadn’t left the UK soil for ten years…and just like that my sister who is the queen of spontaneity called me and say: ‘Let’s go to Italy’…I though about all the reasons I couldn’t go but then I gave in to her incessant winning (she can be persuasive)…and guess what: I had an amazing time and I am looking forward to travel more this year….After all I lived my life in four countries surely I should be the type of person who always move about. Roma was just like in the movies; romantic and full of historic sites that humble you when thinking of all the events that happened there…From the Coliseum, to Vatican City and Piazza di Nova, I took so many pictures. Anyway I wanted to share some of the photos I took in Roma since it was probably one of my favourite moments of 2014. Peep the shops windows pictures I took in the Fashion district by the Spanish steps…I stalk Fashion anywhere in the world.   Enjoy and God bless 1-IMG_93061-IMG_93521-IMG_94881-IMG_9499-0011-IMG_97171-IMG_96191-IMG_9621   1-IMG_9232 1-IMG_9832   1-IMG_9856   g 1-IMG_9746 1-IMG_9913 1-IMG_9884 1-IMG_9882 1-IMG_9890   1-IMG_9880 1-IMG_9888


2 thoughts on “Throwback to Roma

  1. Hi hun, don’t know if you remember I’m the girl that was with Kirstie at Shine last year. Anyways you absolutely have got to keep blogging! You are doing an amazing job. I love your writing style! It looks like you had an awesome holiday, your pictures are beautiful! Stay safe and hopefully catch up soon, love Hayley xxx


    • Hi Hayley 😊 I do remember you…Hope you are doing okay…Thank you for the encouragement it means a lot….I do hope we can see each others soon…God bless you Hayley xo


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