My love for Fashion


I remember watching a documentary series about the fashion world when I was young, and they had episodes about models, designers and photographers. I never forgot those episodes, that was my first insight into the fashion world and I was amazed. I wanted more…I started to buy magazines and actually learning about fashion…I was interested and I was attracted. It seems like a world of insane limitless creativity and beauty; a world I wanted to be part of, one way or another.

I think that it was around that time that I fell in love with Fashion. Obviously as a little girl, my mother used to dress me up and I had the type of mum that even if I didn’t like the outfit she chose for me, I will still have to wear it (don’t fret I love the woman). And I grew up in the 80s so the fashion at the time was very flamboyant and colourful. I was not a fan of 80s fashion. When I started to enter my teenage years, I had the opportunity to come to London for the holidays and my parent let me travel alone (I was an UM – Unaccompanied minor). They give me money to buy what I wanted. I had money of my own and I could shop for myself, and shopping I did. I remember going to Miss Selfridge and buy all types of crop tops, skirts, and boots (still cannot believe I wore boots in Africa).

After that I couldn’t wait to become an adult, handle my own money and buy all the clothes that I wanted. I couldn’t wait to experiment and to enjoy not only the clothes and the accessories, but to also  just dress like I wanted to dress.

I was not the richest after the age of 14 so buying clothes was hard and to be honest not a priority. Sometimes relatives from Europe will send me some cool stuff so I did enjoy the odd trend of the time, late 90s and early 2000 such as camp tops, hoops earrings, platform shoes, Capri pants etc..

But I do have to admit that since I came to the UK, I really experimented with fashion and discovering my style.


I read recently: ‘ Have a good style, because your personality is not what people see first’

First I want to put it out there that I am a great a believer in inner beauty and I do fall in love with people personalities first, their quirks, and even what other considers their weirdness at times really appeal to me.

Most of time, we use different adjective to define someone’s style, and those adjective are different from one person to another. We called this style preppy, this other one grunge and that one cool.To be honest, to this day I don’t really know what is cool since something can be cool to someone and not cool to me, go figure.

Fashion is an art and therefore a way of expression. That is why, like everybody I may not like what the other person is wearing, but I respect it, as it is just his or her taste, mood or personality.

And yes  there are trends and we have viewed them all over decades; what was in at a certain time and what was or is fashionable. And trends always seems to come back, but style remains the individual personal’s statement.

Expressing your feelings, your mood and your personality is your style.

That is the way I see it. Fashion is just a tool to create this.

If I had to choose one word to define my style, it will be versatility: I go from androgynous to feminine, from minimalistic and elegant to experimental.

At the moment, Fashion is a hobby and a passion. It is not everything in my life…No I am not a shopaholic, I don’t spend all my wage on designers items, actually if you want the truth I do not own a single item of designer clothe…Most of of my clothes I bought them on sale.

Eventually I would like to style and make clothes, whether it will be for myself or for others; and I follow this aspiration quietly. It is hard work but I do not want to speed up the process, as I believe in the process being necessary for your art to growth and mature.

One way or another, we are all participants in this fashion’s world, whether as fashion enthusiast like myself or just like people who buy clothes and accessories. Come on, we all have to wear clothes, right?

At least I hope we do ;P

And yes I do believe in dressing for some occasions. I work in an office, so wear formal clothes (which I absolutely love), but I am also a church youth leader in training, so I hang out with teenagers every Friday evening. So on Friday, I wear casual, t-shirt, jeans and trainers.

So Hooray to Fashion and Style…to art…and to creativity.




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