The Spring Edit


Belated Post

Yesterday was officially the first day of Summer in the UK. The sales have started in most of the shops. I have not done a Season Edit so I am doing one now. I still feel like it is Spring anyway. The truth is in the UK we do not really get a real summer. The weather is always hard to define. It shifts pretty quickly and it mostly windy, wet and cloudy. However, there are days where the sun decides to pop out.

So although it is safe to put the coat and heavy scarf away. We still cover up a bit. I do have to say that Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons. They are both very mild, it is never too hot or too cold: Happy medium. On that note here are some items I will or have bought this season. All are found in the high street stores and affordable prices.

  1. The Trench

All trench are from Topshop

2. The Jacket


Top left: Topshop/ Bottom right: River Island/ Middle and right end: Zara

3. The bag

Both Bag from Zara

4. the trouser

Both Trousers from Topshop

5. Denim

Left: Lucas and Jamie Jean from Topshop

6. The shoes

Top: Topshop/ Bottom and right: Asos

7. The bodysuit

Top: Topshop/ Bottom left: Asos/ Right: Topshop

8. The skirt

Top and bottom: Asos/ Middle: Topshop/ Right: River Island


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