Uncertain difficult seasons 

There are moments in life when you have no idea where you are headed. You reach a point of total confusion where there are more questions than answers. You do not know even what to pray for or what to hope for.

The doors you thought were meant to open close right on your face. You are then wondering if  God is distant or is just sitting silent.

I am currently in such a season. I can honestly say that my heart is weary and the heaviness is unbearable. However I am mature enough to know that every seasons is necessary for our growth and our faith. It is in hardships that our character is made and truth be told: some lessons can only be learn in the storms of our life.

So today I just wanted to share the lessons God has been teaching me in my season.

1) It is okay to cry and yes emotions are real

We ought to allow ourselves to feel emotions and feelings, as harder as it is. Scream if you have to but let it out all. Do not bottle anything and give it all to the Father: the heartbreak, the sadness, the anger, the disappointment, the bitterness…Every feeling is valid.

2) Share with someone and allow them to pray for you.

It is important to have good friends to speak to. If you have good counsel around you it is okay to explain what you are going through. Before you know it, they may have been or are going through the same seasons as you. We always feel at time that no one will understand what we are going through and they cannot really help us. At some of my lowest points, God allowed my sister, my brother and a woman at my church to bring me comfort in my period of transition.

3) Be careful to not listening to the lies of the Enemy

Remember he prowls around like a lion, and will come in different forms to try to confuse with all type wrong narratives.

“You will be better off away from God”

“He doesn’t love you”

“He doesn’t care”

“Your situation will never change”

“Look others who are not walking with him look better off than you”

Do not think that you will be better off. God covers you everyday believe it or not. Just because we do not get a notification every time that God did protected us from something does not mean he is not protecting us. Even when we feel it or not, He looks after us. Outside of his love, his protection is not guarantee and we can end up in worse situations.

4) Always remember that God is working in your heart and character

We are the clay being moulded by the potter and he is constantly pressing us to make  a more useful vessel out of us. We are the diamond being refined through the fire. Our character and our faith are more important than our circumstances changing.

5) Praise him in the pain

Yes…As harder as it will be, we still have things to be grateful for and thank God for him. See I believe in the power of music and especially worship music. I have playlists of songs that usually talks about hope. Listening to them on a bad day is genuine therapy.

Praise him every time you feel your emotions racing

Praise him with music and with your own words.

6) Be patient

This one is a hard one too. I confess that I still struggle with patience; I have not much of it so it a never ending lesson for me. Situations will not resolve and change all in one go…It might take time. God works with time. I wish I could tell you when it all get better, but I do not know. I can assure you is that there is a purpose in pain and that breakthrough do happen.
It just that God’s timing is very different of ours.

There is say in my country that say that some eat at 8am, some eat at 2pm, some eat at midnight…But no one goes to bed hungry. This means that we each have our own designated time and we will all ultimately receive our answers.

It is also very tempting to compare our life and walk with others and seeing them progressing, achieving things, getting their miracles and we feel like we are not moving. Especially when we have been walking faithfully with God, serving him and we see some who just seem to have started their journey who have came back from wandering ways, getting blessed. We then feel like the other brother in the prodigal son story: “why  is he being blessed and I am not receiving anything although I was here serving you Lord”. Comparison will steal your joy.

Also maybe God just want to also show us that he is our reward and just want to us to enjoy us and our relationship with him. After all, are we seeking more God’s hand or God’s heart?

So let’s be patient and praise him when it hurts. There is always something beautiful on the others side of our faithfulness.

Let him be our strength in the waiting.

At the end of us, He is there.

And all things, yes all things will work for our good.


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